Ci - Index Service - 4118



Sometimes I received next message in the Event Log:
Source: Ci
Category: Index Service
ID: 4118
It was not possible to finish viewing of contents c:\.

Why this message displayed? Performance Monitor not display heavy load of
this server.
My server running Windows Server 2000 (SP4) with IIS.

Michael S. Androsov


As per Microsoft: "This problem occurs because Index Server cannot index the
files fast enough with the hardware resources available on the server that
displays the event 4118".
Ci refers the indexing service. This below (Indexing Service event messages)
refers to Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, but the information is relevant to
other versions of Windows 2000 Server as well.
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Jun 11, 2013
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There is another method in resolving this problem. You can clear the catalog that is for whatever reason corrupted like most things with windows. So the steps would be to Open Computer Management, then Services and Applications, Right click on Indexing services and click stop, right click on system, scroll down to All tasks, click on Empty Catalog, then right click on indexing service again and click start to create a new catalog. The hard drive will then recatalog itself and afterward will work correctly.

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