Cheers [joke]

Apr 19, 2005
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A twenty five year old single woman while on holiday in France met an old man who was a millionaire, he became infatuated with her and he treated her with gifts galore fine wines fine food paid for everything she wanted, great the woman thought he is so kind hearted if he were to ask me to marry him I will.

They form a relationship and eventually he popped the question,

Will you marry me oh yes she said, back in the UK everything is set for the marriage to go ahead, they marry she moves into his mansion and life is great.

Then the present situation changes he stops the extravagant spending he had been doing and she asked why well he said if you promise me that when I die you will put all my money apart from £1000.00 in the coffin with me to be buried I will continue to spend on you as before, she thinks a while and agrees.

Two years pass and he is taken ill, he asked her to do as he had asked, yes she said don’t worry, I’m not he said my will states what my wishes are and what’s to be done.

His condition starts deteriorating, the doctors advise her to do what she has to before the next day.

So off she goes to the bank draws all of his £10 million out in cash and deposits it into her bank account.

Next day he dies.

After the funeral his solicitor reads the will, he says to his wife did you do as he requested yes she said and showed him the withdrawal receipt stating £10 million had been withdrawn in cash from his account, that’s fine he said did you put that amount in the coffin yes she says very well here is the £1000.00

He bequeathed you.

She leaves the room and her lifetime friend asks did you really put the £10 million in the coffin oh yes she says her lifetime friend says bloody hell that was a waste of money, not really she replies, why says her friend, well if the tight fisted git can change the cheque I put in the coffin he’s welcome to it….. :D


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