CheckPoint SecuRemote uninstall orphaned network adaptors and netoworking servic


M. Coyle

I installed CheckPoint's SecuRemote and then switched away
from it in favor of the SSH tunnels.

When I uninstalled SecuRemote, some surprising things happened:

-TCP/IP was disabled on my NIC after uninstall
-CheckPoint still shows up as a service I can bind to my
network adapter despite the uninstall and reboot
-SecuRemote is still bound to some network adapters (one of
which is no longer installed--a NIC I borrowed for a day)
and I can't delete them, but I can disable them
-WAN Miniport (IP) - SecuRemote Miniport appears as a
network adapter that I can't delete, but only disable also

Any help appreciated.

I'm not quite sure how SecuRemote can prevent me from
deleting a device driver it has bound to, but if anyone
knows how to delete this "disable only" devices, I'd be
very grateful.

The error message I get when I try to delete the network
adapter is:

"Failed to uninstall device. The device may be required to
boot up the computer."
Apr 30, 2009
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Yes, I'm sitting here with exact same issue....
Hate it ... Hate Checkpoint software and support, who requires me to pay for access to information on how to remove the POS software that I had to install to get remote access to a customer.

Next time i'm ONLY touching anything from Checkpoint, if it's being installed in a virtual box that can be nuked afterwards !

I found NO solution yet, to this problem. But it seems that Chekpoint are aware of the problem if you search -

Apparently they just wont tell public what can be done to get rid of their software.
Go figure ...

If others would please reveal the tricky bits in this solution, please do so :)
Oct 5, 2009
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Download cpclean from the checkpoint website. This deleted checkpoint successfully for me although I had to manually delete one registry key that cpclean couldn't for some reason. Hope this helps...

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