When I insert a checkbox, the default border is black. Is there
anyway to change it to another color? I am using excel 2007. Also,
the checkmark is black. Can it be changed to another color? Lastly,
can you resize the checkbox?




Michelle Mathews

Are you inserting a checkbox using the Insert>Symbol command? If yes, its
just a matter of changing the font colour and font size.


No, I used the form checkbox. However, I did try your suggestion, but
it wouldn't allow me to place a check in the box. Anyhow, I wish
there was a way to change the checkbox default border color to
something other than black. Also, as I stated before, I would like to
change the color of the checkmark along with resizing the box. I
would appreciate any help. Thanks





If you use the Form's checkbox you can
1. You can change the Border of a check box if you mean the outer border the
one that goes around the checkbox and its text.
2. You can change the fill color of the checkbox control, but that is not
the color of the checked area, but the area inside the border.
You can't change the font size or the font color
To make the above changes right-click the checkbox control and choose Format
Control and look at the Lines and Colors tab.

If you use the Control Toolbox's checkbox you can
1. Change Font size
2. Change Font color
3. Change fill color
Can't change border color, but can add a shadow.
To make the above changes select the checkbox and choose Developer,
Properties and check out the BackColor, Font and ForeColor properties.

With trickery you could change the border color in the second case and the
font color and size in the first case. But that is by overlaying other
object on top of the checkboxes.

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