Convert Legacy checkboxes to PDF



Using Word 2007, I have created multiple forms for use by a Boy Scout Troop.
I convert the document into a PDF using Adobe Professional 9. After running
Advanced > Form Field recognition, the legacy checkboxes appear as black
boxes.m When I attempt to change the properties to a checbox in the options
tab, check or checkbox is not available.

I have antother dociment that does contain checkboxes that do work but I
cannot copy and paste the content and preserve the checkbox.

Is there anyway the checkboxes can be recognized or am I forced to create
the checkbox manually for each form.

Any help will be greatly appriciated.

Graham Mayor

The ability to recognize check boxes is a function of Acrobat and has
nothing to do with Word. The form recognition report specifically mentions
issues with Check boxes and links to an editing tool (at least it does in
Acrobat 8). If you need to query the finer workings of that action, you
should do so in an Acrobat forum.

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Graham... thanks for youer response. I thought that was the case, so I
contacted Adobe first, who sent me back to Microsoft.

Typical run-around from Acrobat.

Again... thanks.

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