Checkbox in forms



This is probably simple - but:

I have a simple table with Yes/No properties. On a form, I want to add a
checkbox so that when the box is checked, table changes to "Yes" What is
interesting (my lack of knowledge) when I put the proterties of the table to
"Yes/No" it shows as a checkbox (tick box) in the table itself. When I bind
the form to the field, run the form, and select the checkbox on the form it
does not check the box in the table. What am I missing?

Also, on the form, is there a way to put the object words to the left of the
checkbox? When I created the checkbox on the form, it shows the box to the
left, words to the right (I want words on left, box on right)





Allen Browne

A1. To bind check box to a field:
Open your form in design view.
Right-click the new text box, and choose Properties.
In the Properties sheet, on the Data tab, set the Control Source property to
the name of the field where you want this data stored.

A2. To default check box's label to the left:
In form design view, click the check box on the ribbon (Controls, on the
Design view.) The heading of the Property Sheet now reads:
Selection type: Default Check Box
On the Format tab, set the Label X property to:
New check boxes you add on this form will now get the label one inch to the
left of the check box.

If you want to modify the behavior for all new forms in your databases,
create a form with the control defaults set the way you want, and save it.
Then tell Access 2007 that this is your template form:
Office Button | Access Options | Object Designers | Form Template

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