Charts made in excel 2003 won't print to the correct size in 2007?



I have charts created in excel 2003 that printed to seerate 11x17 sheets. I
cannot figure out how to make them print to fit 11 x 17 in 2007. My charts
are custom containing both columns and lines. How o I duplicate the 2003
command of having my chart fit the 11 x 17 page?

Jon Peltier

With a chart selected, go to the big round Office button in the top left,
choose Print > Print Preview, then choose Page Setup from the ribbon that
appears. On the Page tab of the dialog, choose the paper size you want. If
the paper size isn't available, you might need to redefine your default
printer. I don't have 11x17 among my choices, because my printers require
paper 8.5" wide or narrower.

- Jon

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