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I'm really confused by Word 2003, how it numbers chapters and the ability to
insert chapter numbers in captions such as figures and equations. I can't get
it to work right.
What I want is really simple, but Word seems to making it very difficult.
There must be a simple way to have my chapters labelled "Chapter 2", "Chapter
3" etc. and be able to have Figure 2.3 for example. Could someone point me
to some info source where it explains how to do this? I've looked at the
Word help and just get more confused. I've tried the Heading 1 business, the
Bullets and Numbering outline business, and it just seems to mess things up.
I'm writing my dissertation, nd need to get this towork.


Suzanne S. Barnhill

1. You must use one of the built-in heading styles.

2. The paragraph numbering of the heading must be autonumbering.

You then check "Include chapter number" and select the appropriate heading

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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Thank you for info.

I have implemented these guidelines best I can figure out.

For my chapter titles, I've implemented "Heading 1" style. I saw in another
post that one can use the Heading 1 style, then "new line" and enter the
chapter title and have the words "Chapter X blah blah blah " on one line in
the TOC. Have done that, it works great.
For the chapter number X, I inserted a field, the {LISTNUM OutlineDefault}
and have linked it to one of the Outline Numbered gizmos so that it displays
just 1, 2, 3, etc. without any other characters. It seems to work, and all
the chaptes update automatically. so, all that is Heading 1 style.

In the chapter itself, for the figures, they work okay now using the
"Include chapter number."

I've also been able to get the equations to work right. I must give a
million thanks to Ms. Barnhill for one of her earlier posts where she
explained how to use tables for equations and their captions so that they can
be referenced in the body text without Word including lots of extra junk. So
now, I can have my text, and refer to (4.23) and move on, for example.

I tried using Word prescribed method of linking the Heading 1 style to some
Outline Numbering method, but it really messed up my document, added all
sorts of extra junk in the TOC. So, couldn't figure out to get rid of that
and somehow discovered using the field method described above.

My question now, is will this rise up later and cause problems? All works
now, the TOC is good, the x.yy equations are okay, the chapters, the figures,



Thank you. I'll give these a read.

Daiya Mitchell said:
Start here:
Ideally, that page would also link to these two articles, so read these as

Good luck with the diss!

Daiya Mitchell, MVP Mac/Word
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