Changing welcome screen in XP



I’m trying to change the welcome screen. I’ve searched online extensively.
Most of the info tells me to use software, but it’s only good for changing
the bootup screen. One told me to edit the registry (HKEY_USERS - .Default -
Control Panel – Desktop – Wallpaper Value – (changed this value to the
location of my bitmap picture)) but after I did this my bitmap comes up
immediately followed by the welcome screen.

Does anyone know how to replace the welcome screen with a different image.
I am not trying to change the bootup screen.


ju.c said:
Here we go . . .

This changes the "Logon Screen", not the "Welcome Screen":

This tutorial will show you how to customize the "Welcome Screen":

And this (FREE!) program, "LogonStudio" will do it all for you:

Wow, Stardock's come a long ways since I was last there. Thanks for the

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