Changing the background color in IE to gray from white.



Is there a way to change the white background that we see
in most of the websites into gray., so that its less
pinching to eyes.





Manik said:
Is there a way to change the white background that we see
in most of the websites into gray., so that its less
pinching to eyes.
If you have a gray background in your Windows desktop, you can migrate it to
IE by simply going to:
Tools > Internet Options > General
* Click "Colors..."
* Select "Use Windows colors"

If you are *not* using a gray background in Windows, DEselect the checkbox
noted above, then click the "Accessibility..." button. Select "User style
sheet" and point it to a style sheet you have saved on your hard drive
somewhere. If you don't know how to create one, here's a start:

body {
background-color: #eeeeee;

Save the snippet above as (for example) mystyle.css. If the color gray looks
pixilated or grainy, change it from #eeeeee to #cccccc (which is part of the
"Web-safe" palette).

You can find lots more info about style sheet syntax by Googling for
"Cascading Style Sheets" or CSS. More on Web-safe colors, here:

BTW, the original graphical browser, NCSA Mosaic, actually *defaulted* to a
gray background!




I have the following setting alredy:
Display Settings > Appearance > Item - "window" - "set to
gray color"

Also in the IE,
Tools > Internet Options > Color > "use windows colors is

Still my webpages are having white background. But when I
invoke IE, initially for a brief 2 seconds the background
does appear gray. But after the webpage loads up it
changes back to white. Though the background appears
white, the background color of the text boxes i.e in forms
of the webpage, address bar are now gray.

I did the following trouble shooting:
1. Tools > Internet Options > Color > "use windows colors -
UNCHECKED" and specified a gray backgound. Still did not

2. I also created a style sheet and changed it in
the "Accessibility" of Internet Optioons still did not

3. When I changed the background color in IE - Tool
Options Explicity., the "Apply" button does not become
active. So I chagned the "home page" setting which made
the "apply" button active by becoming a pressable button.
Even if I press apply and OK., no change.

I am using Windows ME, IE 6 SP1.

Please Help.


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