change of the keyboard layout only in word



Windows 7 and office 2007
Only one keyboard layout defined in windows,
when I open a blank document, keyboard is good,
But when I open some documents, the layout of the keyboard change and become
AZERTY in place of qwertzu

I don't find anithing in forum and doc,

I do this experience , save the doc in rtf, open the doc in rtf -> my
keyboard change,
may be a macro but I don't see any

Peter T. Daniels

Buried way down in the Word Options somewhere is the choice to have
the keyboard match the language of the document -- if Word thinks the
Language is Set to French (for example), if that's turned on, it will
helpfully give you the French keyboard.

It's a good idea to turn of Detect Language Automatically, which
you'll find among the Proofing tools on the Review tab.

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