Change All Contacts to Display by Company instead of by Name



I had about 1000 contacts that were sorted by company name. I accidently
deleted them and when I reloaded them off of my palm pilot they sorted by
contact name instead of company name. Does anybody know how to change all of
them at the same time so they display by company name. I had this happen
once before and ended up changing them individually. I took me many hours.
There must be a way to do them all at once. I would really appreciate
anyones help. Thanks, Mark M.


Maybe if you go "Tools=>Options=>Contact Options and choose the order you want.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Impossible to answer because you failed to specify the view you are trying
to sort and what sort order setting you specified for that view.
It is always a bad idea to "restore" Contacts by synching. Next time restore
them from your backup.

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