Company contacts accessible by all employees - How???



Hi to everyone

I have a question which I am hoping has an easy answer, as this must have
been thought of a million times before at least!

We are trying to re-arrange everyone’s contacts here, so that everyone has
access to the same company contacts/address book, and their personal ones
stay with just their personal profile and are only accessed by themselves.
How would I go about getting all company specific contacts from each
employee’s outlook contacts into a company wide address book? Is there such
an address book within Outlook, does one need to be created and if so how,
etc? It would obviously be much easier if everyone had access to the same and
most up-to-date info on contacts, and everyone was looking at the same
information, avoiding having incorrect contact info on one persons outlook,

Any clues? All help most appreciated :blush:)


Russ Valentine

What version of Exchange Server are you using? Why wouldn't you ask this in
an Exchange group?

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