CE client on W2k3 TS : session disconnects




we currently experience strange connection issues with CE clients
connecting on a W2k3 SBS TS. The CE clients are industrial
touchscreens (from Beckhoff GmbH); they run a TS client that connects
to the W2k3 server running our software. The TS is configured to never
time-out, never terminate a disconnected session etct etc. This works
great; the clients are also configured to keep trying to connect in
case the connection is dropped. So far so good.

However, apparently, after some idle time, the connection _is_ dropped
anyway. We can tell because the connections are listed as
'Disconnected' in the TS Manager program. But on the client, the
display still shows our software; moreover, it suffices to touch the
screen of the client (which is the equivalent of moving the mouse, I
guess), and after a short lapse of time (2 to 3 seconds), the
connections comes alife again, and the screen is updated. This is
particularly annoying, as our application displays real-time production
info, which, because of this phenomenon, is not real-time at all.

We tried to solve this by setting the KeepAlive option on, but
apparently to no avail (although we didn't reboot the server after
doing so; is this necessary ?).

Anyone any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Joris Spriet
MESware nv - Belgium


Rebooting is necessary for the change to take effect.

They should not be disconnecting unless there is a network
problem, or possibly a problem with the CE clients. You
should be able to stay connected for weeks if that is
what you want.

Are these connecting wirelessly?

Is there a router between the client and server that may
have an inactivity timeout set?





thanks for your answer. We'll try to reboot the TS machine as soon as
The CE terminals have wired ethernet connections. All machines are on
the same cabled LAN by means of an ethernet switch.

Anyway, thanks for your answer.

Best regards,

Joris Spriet
MESware nv - Belgium

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