cd-rw not working as a cd rw



ok have an iomega 48x24x48x external usb cd-rw

have windows xp pro sp2 plus all the lastest updates

the problem is can't burn disc to the cd rw, it says its not an cd-rw, can
burn using windows inbuilt support or by using hotburn pro (iomega app)

used the following support article,

this makes no difference
the cd rw drive works, I'm dual booting my computer with the same windows
and it works fine,

any body have any idea what to do to make the cd rw work

any help would be great


Rich Barry

Paul, for burning cdrw's I use a program such as DirectCD (Ahead) or InCD
( Nero). I format the drive and it works like a floppy disk. Does
the Iomega software have such a program?


thanks for the response

iomega use a program call hotburn pro, but when i use it, the progam can't
find a cd-rw on the system to write to,

in the device manager the cd-rw is listed under DVD/CD-Rom drives as
iomega cdrw55292ext3-B usb device

when you right click -> properties then on the general tab its device type
is DVD/CD-ROM drive,

even if a unistall the cdrw and install it again it's only recognisied as a

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