caught in infinite loop



In the process of trying to burn a CD on my notebook a new
driver was installed. The result has been that my pc is
now in an infinite loop. It keeps trying to boot and
keeps coming up to the boot in safe-mode screen. I can
select any option on the page and I just end up back in
the same place. I can see a blue screen flash up for
about 1/2 second. It says something about Windows trying
to prevent damage to my hard-drive. It also says
something about if this message appears for the first
time... Just impossible to read.... Any thoughts?




Matt Hendrix [MSFT]

Hi Lene,

You have a couple of options to recover from this problem. The
easiest way is to follow the article below to roll back the system to a
previous working state. Since installing the software caused this issue to
occur this should work for your issue. It will remove the registry entries
and drivers inserted by the 3rd party application.

304449 HOW TO: Start the System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt in
Windows XP

You can also perform a parallel installation of Windows XP to a different
directory or drive. Within the parallel operating system you can access
the original and remove the registry entries that call the driver and
rename the necessary files. Contact the software manufacturer to confirm
what entries are inserted.

Good Luck,
Matt Hendrix [MSFT]

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