Can't Sync Outlook BCM with Pocket PC




I am having a huge problem finding a way to syncronize my
Business Contact Manager Contacts with my Pocket PC - I
realize that Active Sync is not able to syncronize this
particular group because it cannot sync more than one
contact folder.

Is there any other alternative software or any other
method by which BCM can sync with Pocket PC? Also, does
anyone know if there is a new version Active Sync to be
released that will address this?

Thanks in advance!




Sue Mosher [MVP]

ActiveSync program from Microsoft definitely cannot synchronize multiple
contacts or journal folders, which is what BCM uses. Third-party tools may
be able to do so. Chapura has updated its PocketMirror Professional utility
to work with the Business Contacts folder from BCM.

A forthcoming version of Intellisync will support BCM, but the version 5.3
or earlier does not.

I have also heard of people using Pocket Contact Synchronizer, a free tool
from Microsoft, to copy contacts automatically from the BCM Business
Contacts folder to your main Contacts folder. The main Contacts folder can
be synchronized with any PDA sync tool.

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