Can't seem to install BCM



Hi all, I'm on a SBS2003 network, my workstation is XP Pro SP2.
I've tried to install BCM twice, and I still can't view any of the features
of it in Outlook. the help file was installed, but I can't see anything in
the top panel or folder list that refers to anything BCM.
I don't have anything in my Outlook disabled items under the help menu.

Any help would be appreciated.





BCM setup has 2 phases. The first is installing the bits on your client
with the setup program on your CD. The second phase happens when
Outlook is opened for the first time with a particular mail profile
after the bits are installed. A wizard will appear asking if you want
to use BCM with that mail profile.

If setup installed the bits on your workstation successfully, you can
try opening Outlook with a new mail profile to confirm that BCM bits
are correctly installled on the workstation. If the wizard doesn't come
up, something went wrong with the setup program. If the wizard comes
up, then you'll need to figure out why the wizard doesn't come up with
your regular mail profile.


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