Can't reinstall Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 14

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Trend Micro came installed on my computer and then stopped working. I
uninstalled it and have since been unable to reinstall. I have a backup disk
as well as after contacting Trend Micro for assistance I have the PCC14 in a
desktop folder. When I attempt to install I get welcome to the Setup Wizard
and click next. I immediately get a window stating Setup Interrupted and
have to click Finish to exist. I followed Trend Micro's instruction to make
certain my previous Trend Micro program was totally removed. Suggestions?


Uninstalling virus protection is a little tricky. First off before
uninstalling, make sure you go to services in admin tools and stop all trend
micro services that you can. usually you can stop everything except real
time scanner. After you stop everything then you should get your windows
security alerts. Then go to add/remove and remove trend micro program.
Upon restart go to and run the safety scanner to get rid of
not needeed reg entries, as well as tune up pc. Then reinstall trend
Micro....This has worked me on my PC and other friends with trend micro and
other antivirus program problems.


I had a similar problem with Trend Micro on my XP laptop. I uninstalled the
old Trend Micro program and then hunted down any lingering Micro Trend
Folders. I found one in the Program File. I deleted all found folders,
downloaded and installed latest version of Trend Micro and everything worked



I tried the suggestions and they did not work. Perhaps I still have some
fragment of the previous Trend Micro. Concerning going to services in admin
tools, I see the list of services but didn't recognize anything as being
part of Trend Micro Pc-cillin Internet Security 14. I had previously
uninstalled the Trend Micro Program. I ran the There is
something still blocking me from reinstalling the program. Open to further
suggestions. Thanks.


Still seeking help - Further explanation - I can run the install setup wizard

What happens is that when I click NEXT
on the setup wizard it immediately moves to a window that is as follows:
Setup Interrupted

Setup was interrupted before Trend Micro Pc-cillin Internel Security 14
could be completly installed.

Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time
please run Setup again.

Click Finish to exist setup.

The only option is to exist setup. When I run it again I get the same result.

Something is blocking installation. It is not a virus as the scans I do
prior to running the setup wizard through the indicate no

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!!!!

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