Can't open word 2007 with .doc extension using word 2003 and conve



The converter seems to be picky about Extensions. If the extension of the
file is .docx, it opens and converts just fine in 2003. But if it is doc or
some other unknown extension to the system, word never uses the converter,
instead I am asked to select the encoding.

If there were just 1 file I was trying to deal with I would just rename it
to docx, but we have multiple people that have been saving away office 2007
format files with .doc extensions. I can't tell which are 2007 and which
aren't and for the users that have 2003, the converter won't open them.

Any ideas on how to get the system to also attempt to convert any extension
file attempted to open with word?





Graham Mayor

You cannot switch between the file types doc and docx by changing the
extension. The internal file formats of these two types are entirely
Word 2007 will open both types of file. Word 2003 requires the addition of
the compatibilty pack to open Word 2007 DOCX format.
You may need to re-register Word to re-associate the file types See
Word 2003 may have problems with Word 2007 documents created from Word 2007
templates (which word 2003 cannot handle). If that is the issue, see

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