Can't open the 'open' dialog box


Jay Fincannon

When I click the open icon or use File->Open nothing happens. Then if
I click on a cell, the hour glass appears - forever. Not responding.
I can open a file by double clicking in windows explorer or clicking a
recently opened file or typing the file number from the File menu
dropdown. I've tried unchecking 'Ignore other applications', run
excel/unregserver & /regserver and deleted tmp files to no avail. What

Bryan Hessey

Have you also tried deleting the .xlb file from

C:\Documents and Settings\ your name \Application Data\Microsoft\Excel


Bryan Hessey

Have you tried a Windows search of all .xl* files to see if there could
be some hidden .xlb or other reason? (just fishing)


Peo Sjoblom

Did you do a security upgrade of windows lately, Biff posted this link

start from message number one



Peo Sjoblom

Excel 95 - Excel 2007
Northwest Excel Solutions
"It is a good thing to follow the first law of holes;
if you are in one stop digging." Lord Healey


You may have already gotten your ans but just in case - go to your control
panel, go to add/remove programs and look for a Security Update # KB908531.
Delete the file. It will fix the problem (or at least it fixed mine).
However when I turned off the computer and started it up again, I had the
problem again. The update was back. Had to go to the windows updates (on my
computer it comes up as a windows shield in the tray at the bottom of my
screen that says I need to update windows). Right click on it and it will
tell you what the update is. Uncheck the box and select close. Check the
box for "dont show me this again". This fixed the problem for me.

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