Double clicking xls doesn't work




If anybody can tell me what the problem is I'd be much obliged.

My PC has recently stopped opening xls files when double clicked.

I tried deleting personal.xls and then just got an empty window. I
could then drag the xls into the window and it would open fine. I then
re-created a new personal.xls which I hid (attrib wise) and then
double clicking an xls opened Excel with an empty sheet but once again
I could drag the xls into Excel and it would open.

I have run excel.exe /unregserver and then excel.exe /regserver which
didn't work and then done a full re-install of Office.

I'm assuming file associations are OK because the double click
actually runs Excel .

Anything else I can try please?

Dave Peterson

Did you try:

Tools|Options|General|Ignore other applications (uncheck it)

And are you sure that the workbook isn't opening?

Window|arrange|Tiled to check.


On Thu, 15 Jun 2006 17:10:08 -0500, Dave Peterson

Tools|Options|General|Ignore other applications (uncheck it)

That did it - great stuff thanks.

It's disconcerting when something like this suddenly starts happening
without any apparent cause but all's well etc. etc.


Yaacov Klapisch

Had the same problem.
Ignore other applications did it
Thanks a lot.

Can you please explain what is the meaning of this option so I don't act
like a dummy?

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