Can't open Excel file


Jamil Ahmed

Suddenly all Excel files refuse to open

I have Windows 2000 Professional and office 2002XP and
problem is, if I double click on an xls file in Folder or
on Desktop,
I am getting this message

Cannot find the file [File Path]'C:\Documents and
Settings\Secretary\My Documents\Book1.xls'(or one of its
components). Make sure the path and filename are correct
and that all requited libraries ate available.
[ OK ]

But I can open the same file from the file menu open.
And office program is working will there is no other any
problem in program and also before is working will.

So please tell me what can I do about it?




You have moved the file. Make a new shortcut on the
desktop by right clicking on the file and selecting send
to desktop. Then it should work.

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