Can't import PST into Windows Mail Vista?

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Dianne Rodriguez

On my old computer (XP), I exported my Outlook Express messages to the only
option it gave me -- a .pst file. When I try to import the messages into
Windows Mail in Vista, it wants an .oe6 file, and won't find the .pst. How
can I get my .pst file into Windows Mail?




Windows Mail cannot import from a .pst file unless Outlook is installed on
the Vista computer.
1. Install Outlook on your new computer
Copy the .pst file to the new computer
Open the .pst file with Outlook.
In Windows Mail, File - Import - Messages - Microsoft Outlook
or- keep using Outlook, as it's probably better than WM

2. Take the .pst file to a computer running Outlook and Outlook Express.
Import the .pst files into Outlook Express
export the messages to .dbx
take the .dbx files to the new computer
Import the .dbx files.



PA Bear [MS MVP]

If you exported your data to a PST file, you were running Outlook, not
Outlook Express.

The only way you'll be able to import a PST file into Windows Mail is if
Outlook is installed and using the PST file.

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