Can't Get Right Version of ACCOLK.DLL To Be Used



I am trying to create an Access 2010 e-mail to collect data, but get the
message that the "Microsoft Access Outlook Add-In is disabled in Microsoft
Outlook" (also 2010).

In Outlook Options | Add-Ins, I see the Microsoft Access Outlook Add-in for
Data Collection and Publishing (ACCOLK.DLL) in the Inactive Application
Add-Ins category.

I had upgraded from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010, and I notice that the path
of ACCOLK.DLL is ...\Office12\Addins. I would want the one that's in
Office14, for use with 2010.

I tried deleting the add-in (so I could re-add the Office14 one), but got
the message that it's an Office component, and should only be removed by
uninstalling the corresponding Office feature.

I then tried simply deleting the DLL from the Office12\Addins folder,
figuring maybe when Outlook opens again, it'll look for a new one and get
the one from Office14. But that didn't happen.

I tried simply adding the one in the Office14 folder. But after I add it,
nothing is changed. It doesn't show in the list; and the version of
ACCOLK.DLL that is listed is the Office12 one.

Any ideas about what I can do to get rid of the reference to the one in the
Office12 folder, and then add the one in the Office14 folder (or any other
ideas about how I can get the functionality to work)?


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