Microsoft Outlook Add in for Data Collection and Publishing wpmt



I am trying to utilize the Collect Data via e-mail function and keep
receiving the following error:

"The Microsoft Office Access Outlook Add-in is disabled in Microsoft Office
Outlook 2007. To collect data by using e-mail messages in Microsoft Access
2007, verify that this add-in is installed and enabled from within Office
Outlook 2007."

I have tried to remediate via the Trust Center/Add-in area in Outlook and
don't see
an add-in for Access (even though the error message says it is "disabled"
it is nowhere to be found). I have tried to add it (I believe it is the
ACCOLK.DLL) with no success - it simply won't load.

Other than this my Office 2007 system runs very well. I have uninstalled
and reinstalled the individual programs and the entire Enterprise Suite to no

Can someone assist me?

Thank you,



I am having the same problem. It worked for a week then I get the same Error
Message. I tried a complete reinstall and that didn't work. Please help.

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