Can't get FTP to run on any port except



Hey folks. I'm trying to setup my home XP Pro machine as an FTP server
but everytime I make the port anything but 21, it doesn't work. Yes I
have made the appropriate changes in the router firewall as needed, so
that isnt' it. I have tried teh XP FTP setup and Serv U and neither of
them will work with any other port. My FTP gets past teh user name and
password and stops on 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for
/bin/ls. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


You can make it any port you wanted I thought. Why do they have that
option in there then?

Philip Ashley

check that you havent got something else locally that is blocking the
new port, firewall, antivirus etc

i also keep the port below the nominal one open and in the advanced tab
of the ServU Local server settings I have 15 consecutive ports open for
PASV working, and these also open in the firewall


philip ashley

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