Can't 'get' from ftp folder



I have the Windows Firewall running and added port 20 & 21 to the
exceptions. When I try to browse the folders using IE I get 'The operation
timed out' although I'm connected.
If I disable the firewall, I can browse the folders but when trying a Copy
to Folder I get a different exception:
'An error occurred copying the selected items from the FTP folder.
200 Type set to I.
227 Entering Passive Mode (IP address listed)
550 file_I'm_trying_to_get: Access is denied.
550 file_I'm_trying_to_get: Access is denied.

The server is Windows 2003 SP1 Standard Edition.

Any idea how to correct this?

Thanks for any help,


Hi Bernard,

I get the same problems when trying to get using ftp or IE locally on the

Any ideas?


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