Can't find my printer, please help



I have a HP Deskjet 5552 connecter to my Windows PC. The PC is connected and
is using the internet via a wireless router (although it is a RJ45
connection). I have two wireless APPLE MAC laptops, which can't find the

I cannot connect my printer to my router because my router doesn't have a
USB port, but was told I could have local printing, where the MACS would find
the connected printer.

Does anyone know how to do this,

Thank you for your time in advance.



I think I've shared the printer, because when looking at my workgroup (home)
from this pc , this computer appears, when opening that I can view the shared
files, the printer queue and the tasks folder.

I THINK i've anabled sharing, (going into properties of the printer, then
the sharing tab, the selecting the shared name etc.)

Any ideas on how to find this once on the mac?

Cheers for all your help


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