Can't find contact data when merging from outlook 07 to word 07



I used to use outlook 2003 and word 2003. When I wanted to do a mail merge I
would use a defined view in outlook to narrow the contacts that I wanted in
my mail merge. I would then going through the mail merge wizard, check the
box that says "All contacts in current view" which would give me that subset
of contacts that I wanted to merge. When I went to word it would show a file
OMM1.doc that contained the outlook data subset that I had chosen.

In 2007 it doesn't seem to auto-populate the data from outlook and I'm
forced to choose a file. What am I doing wrong? I can't believe they would
take this functionality away.

Thanks for your help.
Donna Campanelli

Russ Valentine

The functionality is the same. It did not change. You either haven't
configured your address book service correctly or are aren't following the
correct steps. We have no idea which from the little information you've

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