Mail Merge from Outlook to Word


Stephen B

I have upgraded to Word 2007 & outlook 2007.
I used to be able to do a mail merge from Outlook 2002 to Word 2002 by
creating a category group in Outlook and have that group as a customised view
and do a mail merger from outlook for all contacts in the current view to be
merged into a word Doc. Is this still available?

Now when I try this Word will only allow all contacts to be listed for the
mail merge, not the Current View fields selected in Outlook .
The Mail merge filter option in Word only lists the contacts fields not a
category field.

The help files on this subject seem to suggest that within Word mail merge
filters there is an advanced option. However I cannot see this option.
Refer to

I only want to be able to mail merge a contacts in a certain Outlook
Is there a work around?

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

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