can't extract self-extracting cabinet silverlight.exe



I want to install Silverlight on a Windows xp sp3 machine. I downloaded
silverlight.exe. The problem is that i can't extract that file: when i
doubleclick, there appears a window, that disappears immediately (i have no
time to read what appears).

I have executed 'msiexec' from the dos-prompt and i get no errors (windows
installer is version 3.xxxx).

In Msconfig, the Service 'Windows Installer' is flagged.

I have administrator rights.

Is the problem Windows Installer or the software to extract the file?

Is installing a newer version of Windows installer the solution? I found
'WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe' on the website of Microsoft. But maybe i
will have the same problem to use that file: is it also a self-extracting
cabinet (like silverlight.exe)?

Or have i to reinstall servicepack3?




Stefan Patric

I want to install Silverlight on a Windows xp sp3 machine. I downloaded
For God's sake WHY? Consider yourself lucky it didn't install. I had a
client inadvertently install it, and it took me a couple hours of online
research, and over two hours "on site" to fix all the problems
Silverlight caused on his system. What a nightmare.


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