can't demote active directory




I run windows 2000 sp4 as (unique) domain-controller.
I want to demote it in order to get a stand-alone server and remove the
domain (, so i start a dos-windows (as domain-administrator) and
type: dcpromo.

After a while, i get a window with "Network credentials: provide a network
username and password".
I enter for username: administrator
I enter the password
I enter the domain-name:

Then i get the error: the domain "" is not an AD domain, or an AD
domain controller for the domain could not be contacted."

What does it mean? How to solve this?
Thanks for help.


I did.
It's the only DC; even the only computer in the domain.

When i try to access "Active directory domain and trusts" from the
administartion tools, i get after a while, i get:
"The configuration information describing this enterprise is not available.
The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted".

But the domain exists.
Any way to recover it, and so be able to demote it?

"Jorge de Almeida Pinto [MVP]"



If you are going to blow away your domain what you can do is change the
registry to make this machine think it is a server.
Modify the ProductType entry in the registry. To do this, follow these
Start Registry Editor.
Click the ProductType entry under the following registry subkey:
Here we change product type from LanmanNT to ServerNT

The computer will behave as a member server. However, there are still
remaining files and registry entries on the computer that are
with the domain controller.
Remove the remaining files and registry entries. To do this, follow
Start the Active Directory Installation Wizard.
Install Active Directory to make the computer a domain controller for a

new, temporary domain, such as "psstemp.deleteme". (Point DNS to itself

Note Make sure that you make the computer a domain controller in a
different forest.
After you install Active Directory, start the Active Directory
Wizard again, and then remove Active Directory from the domain
After you remove Active Directory from a domain controller, remove
that is left in the domain.

How to remove data in Active Directory after an unsuccessful domain
controller demotion

Harj Singh
"Power Your Active Directory Investment"


Jorge said:
does it host DNS and is it pointing to itself?
There is a DNS running.The zone is (domain name) which
contains only some IP's of connected computers in the lan (not part of
the domain).
I stopped the dns but same result.
Now when i clici on any AD service (site, users ..) the windows
installer starts and freezes a while.

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