Can't delete Folder - Vista

Discussion in 'DIY PC' started by Mario, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Mario

    Mario Guest

    It appears I need permission to delete a folder.
    AUC is turned off so what's the problem, how do I delete the folder?

    Mario, Nov 11, 2011
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  2. Mario

    Mario Guest

    Found my answer.
    Used the dos console and used the 'rmdir' (remove directory) command the

    Posted this in case someone else might need it.

    "Mario" <> wrote in message
    > It appears I need permission to delete a folder.
    > AUC is turned off so what's the problem, how do I delete the folder?
    > Mario
    Mario, Nov 11, 2011
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  3. Mario

    Paul Guest

    Mario wrote:
    > It appears I need permission to delete a folder.
    > AUC is turned off so what's the problem, how do I delete the folder?
    > Mario

    What about Take Ownership ?

    This method uses the GUI to do the job.

    And this is some kind of MSDOS cmd.exe equivalent method.
    I don't expect this is "bypassing" anything. What it might do, is
    allow you to write a script to change a large number of them in one


    You can also add the function to the context menu. The second link here,
    has an add and a remove .reg, so you can undo the context menu item if
    you want. These add "Take Ownership" to the right-click menu.

    With registry packages like that, I download them (on a system which is
    set to display file extensions), and change the extension on the end for

    For example, if someone offers me blah.reg, I download it and change it
    to blah.reg.txt or just blah.txt, then open with Notepad or Wordpad for
    a look. See what part of the registry it is attacking, what it is doing
    and so on. If everything looks good, change the file back to blah.reg,
    so you can merge it with your registry.

    Some people offer those files with a .txt extension on them already,
    so you can examine the file first before using it. That's the safe way
    to do it, so accidentally clicking on the file, won't immediately install
    it. If you're dealing with a package that only installs and has no
    remover, then you'd better be damn sure about the details. (A System
    Restore point can undo registry changes, if you need to. One issue
    with the newer OSes, is the frequency of registry captures is reduced,
    unlike something like WinXP where the registry is snapshotted say once
    a day. Do a manual restore point, if in doubt.)


    One reason this stuff happens, is the Administrator account is no longer
    the "boss" in an immediate sense. Some of the folders in the system are
    owned by TrustedInstaller, which is the account that is used to install
    programs. Similarly, there are registry keys owned by TrustedInstaller
    as well. So you may not get to immediately do stuff to a TrustedInstaller
    owned resource.

    I had to do a registry change on my Windows 7 laptop the other day, and
    it required changing the ownership of the registry key, before I could save
    it while in Regedit. Just a PITA. The setting in fact, was something an
    ordinary user would want to change, and should not have been protected
    like that. Normally, discovering an ownership issue like that, is a warning
    you're working in an area you shouldn't.

    Once you've taken ownership of a file, you should be able to delete it.

    If this was something in "Program Files", then chances are when you
    check the ownership, it's not going to be owned by your regular accounts.


    Using the FAT32 file system for C:, would remove issues like this, but
    then, I doubt that's an option for the new OSes. As far as I know, they
    need NTFS, because of all the NTFS specific features they (ab)use. Doing
    file system maintenance is a nightmare for ordinary users like me...

    I've had a few occasions, where doing trivial things, like booting a
    Linux LiveCD and working on the Windows 7 C: NTFS partition, has resulted in
    the laptop refusing to boot into Windows 7 later. And that's the nightmare part...
    With WinXP or Win2K, there was never a problem, even when Linux used
    the Windows pagefile for swap space while it was running :)

    Just a guess,
    Paul, Nov 11, 2011
  4. Mario

    John Doe Guest

    VanguardLH <V nguard.LH> wrote:

    > Mario wrote:
    >> It appears I need permission to delete a folder. AUC is turned
    >> off so what's the problem, how do I delete the folder?

    > This is a hardware issue how?

    We handle difficult software problems too, MouthGuard.

    Sometimes you need to let loose and go with the flow.

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    John Doe, Nov 11, 2011
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