Can't Delete File with Overlong Name



I dragged an address into my favorites list, and now I can't delete that link.

I get this message:

Cannot delete file. The filename you specified is invalis or too long. Specify a different filename.

I can't rename it either - I get the same message. THis is driving me nuts - I need to back up my Favorites folder, but can't because things freeze when this file is encountered.


R. C. White

Hi, Lost.

I've never tried it in the Favorites folder, but the technique that USUALLY
works is to open a "DOS" window (Start | Accessories | Command prompt) and
use "DOS" commands to delete the file.

Navigate to the Favorites folder. Then type dir /x to list all the files.
The /x switch produces a list of Short File Names (SFN - also known as 8.3
filenames) in a column before the LFNs. Find the SFN for the URL you need.
Then use the del command with the SFN to delete the file.

As usual in a "DOS" window, type the command followed by /? to see a
mini-Help file showing all the switches available with that command. For
example: dir /?


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