Can't delete a video file from desktop



I have a file on my desktop called It
was a video about gaming. It's 45.5 MB and I can't get it to delete.

Right-clicking it and doing Properties doesn't open the Properties window.
If I move it to the recycle bin (with the keyboard delete button or the
mouse, or Shift and Delete) the "Calculation time remaining" delete dialogue
comes up and the progress bar keeps on flashing, but it never deletes the

The file does not seem to be in use by any programs. Renaming the file or
its extension doesn't help. If I try to add the file to Kaspersky
Anti-Virus' quarantine, even Kaspersky freezes in a not-responding state.

Opening the file crashes the player. Using many force-deletion programs
doesn't work either.

I have even opened the file with Notepad and deleted the gibberish-text and
tried to save it but that crashes Notepad!

Safe Mode also doesn't work.

Is there any other way to delete this file without attaching the drive to
another computer and trying to delete it from there? If I boot with the
Vista DVD and enter command prompt through it's Repair centre, what do I
enter to delete it from there?


It's OK, I have managed to delete it by ending the explorer.exe process and
restarting it, the file automatically disappeared!


I have now noticed that the file ended up in the quarantine of my antivirus
program. I have successfully deleted it from there now.

Paul MacFarlane

I am experiencing a similar problem, but ending the 'not responding'
explorer hasn't help.

I was able to delete the files using safe mode-command line....

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