Can't copy from newly added workstation - " path is to deep"



after solving other problems by fresh new copy of W2000
Workstation, I can' copy files to other computers on that
domain - after a few moments the Explorer is not
responding - then error message - "Can't copy - path is
too deep (no matter if it is a tree of dir or files only,
or if it to NT4, XP or 98). Copying files to this newly
added workstation is fine.

Would very much appreciate any suggestion..



Shilpa Sinha [MSFT]


This information is on the error mentioned by you but encountered while
deleting or renaming. It may be of help

When you attempt to open, delete, or rename a folder using Windows NT
Explorer or File Manager, you may receive one of the following error
Cannot delete folder - path too Deep
Can't access this folder.

Path is too long
Some third-party anti-virus and tape backup programs may be unable to
access files or folders with paths that are too long.

This problem can occur if the path to the file or folder is longer than the
file system can accommodate. For example, this problem may occur if you
connect a drive to a share and then create a path over 255 characters to
the share.

To work around this issue, you can use the SUBST command to associate a
drive letter with the long path to access the file or folder. To do so,
follow these steps:
1. At a command prompt, change to the parent folder containing the file or
folder you are attempting use.
2. To assign a drive letter to the location, type the following command
"subst <drive>: ." (without the quotation marks) where <drive> is an
available drive letter and "." is a period, indicating the current folder.
3. Type "exit" (without the quotation marks), and then press ENTER.

NOTE: You can remove the virtual drive letter by typing "subst <drive>:/d"
(without the quotation marks) at a command prompt.

You can also work around this issue by connecting recursively to the share
on the server and using a drive letter to point to the share.

The hard disk's file system determines the maximum number of characters in
the path to a file or folder from the Win32 API variable MAX_PATH. The File
Allocation Table (FAT) for MS-DOS, Protected-Mode FAT (VFAT) for Windows
95, and NT File System (NTFS) file systems are usually limited to 255
characters in a path.

Shilpa Sinha
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