Can't connect to some PC's


Jennifer Ward


My company has about 15 PC's on a network all connected by a Linksys switch.
The router is part of our "IAD" which connects to our T1 line and also
provides telephone service. There is also a server connected but it is only
storing files and has no management role that I'm aware of.

The problem that I'm having is that some PC's cannot connect to other ones
though they show up in the MSHOME list. There is a delay then it will say
"can't connect you may not have permission etc". Then it says "network
path cannot be found". Most PC's are running XP but a couple are running
Vista though those are using WORKGROUP and not MSHOME and they can't connect
to anything anyway.

I was wondering if anybody has any general ideas I could try and also is
there any software I might buy that can let me view what's happening on the
network and possibly troubleshoot ?

Thanks, Jennifer.

Jack [MVP-Networking]

If the topology is peer-to-peer then it is restricted to 10 concurrent
Network connections.
I do not know which OS your current server runs. To configure a network of
15 computers correctly, you need them to be configured around a real server
(not just file server) that manages them.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).

Jennifer Ward

Ok sounds like fun. I'll look into it.

We're running Windows server 2003 here but I know little about it and I'm
the defacto I.T person here.

Thanks for the reply.


Jack [MVP-Networking]

Windows Server 2003 should easily handle 15 computers.
The mentioning of MSHOME list indicates that the configuration is probably
not working as it should.
You should check step by step the configuration and the Domain management.
In general an issue like this is beyond the scope of Newsgroup help. You
should consider hiring a consultant to clean it up and teach you how to
handle the Network.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).

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