Can't connect to a secure site



I'm trying to connect to a secure web site and when I try
I get the message "can't find server check DNS settings,
etc". I'm on a network that has 10 PC's. I can connect
everywhere else on the internet with no problem. When I
go home my home PC connects with no problem. I"m running
IE 6.0. I unchecked TLS 1.0 under internet
options/advanced. I called my ISP and he told me to
download Netscape and try so I did and it had the same
results. The website is I can
connect to but that secure server is the
issue. The people at linkpoint where no help.

Frank Saunders, MS-MVP

Check for a file named HOSTS with no extension (not Hosts.sam). It may be a
hidden file. Open it with Notepad and remove any line referencing the site.
Or, rename HOSTS to OLDHOSTS

See also
HOW TO: Troubleshoot Situations Where You Cannot Connect to Secure Web Sites
by Using Internet Explorer in Windows XP
"The Page Cannot Be Displayed" Error Message on a Secure Web Site

Frank Saunders, MS-MVP, IE/OE
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