Can't access safe mode/safe mode with command prompt



I recently had a trajan attack and discovered that I could not use F8 on
be-start to get into safe mode/safe mode with command prompt. I had run
tools recommended by various experts but they removed some viruses but I
still cannot regain access to safe mode. What actually happens is that when
F8 is pressed on re-start, it allows you to select safe mode, safe mode with
CP etc on screen. Once selected, I can see safe mode listed on the bottom
left screen in blue, but can only proceed if the only selection on screen is
selected, which is "normal window XP".

Is this a virus (I think it is) or a system fault?

I appreciate some advice.

Bill Suen


It's probably due to infection. To logon in safe mode and run antispyware
programs (in Safe mode for better results), Start\Run\type; msconfig and hit
enter\BOOT.INI\check SAFE BOOT and restart the computer if msconfig is not
available or does not have an effect, run antispyware programs to rid of
possible spyware or virus. Programs recommended to disinfect the computer
are Adaware SE Personal, Spybot Search & Destroy, CWShredder and HijackThis.
If no other program detects parasites you can use HijackThis to detect all
process running in your system but you need to identify which before you can
delete it as HijackThis does not say which they are, it just comes up with
all processes running and deletes those you select. Once you have deleted a
process that you are sure is a malicious program it's a good idea to delete
it from the backups list that HijackThis makes of deleted items. To do that
after clicking on "Fix Checked" go to Configuration\Backups\select and

Download antispyware programs


Tried msconfig; BOOT.INI; It worked, but restarted to an error message.
Cannot reverse back to normal windows XP start. Please advise how to reverse
the commands.



What did the message say? It may help to find a cause! ... It's not clear
to me if you loged in (in Safe Mode)... if you did, go again to msconfig >
BOOT.INI > SAFEBOOT and remove the check mark... and restart... if still not
able to login in normal mode, scan the computer with antispyware programs.
If your can only log-in in safe mode and you need to download antispyware
programs, try the Safe Mode with Networking option. If you could not
log-in, try the Last Known good configuration option in safe mode options.
Also remove unnecessary devices as the error message may be caused by an
incompatible device driver(?)....




What happened is that your instruction via msconf did manage to stop the PC
to restart/start through normal mode, but it pushes the start up via safe
mode/safe mode with cp, etc, but these modes don't work (as before). So I am
getting a blue screen saying that window start up was interrupted, use F8 to
get into safe mode to remove recently installed hardware/software. But it
doesn't go anywhere as F8 doesnt work. So I am now stucked and cannot use the
PC to do anything. No window, no command prompt, no safe mode etc., but a
blue screen with error message and the only way to get out of this screen is
to turn off the PC.



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