Canon print head



I have seen recently a flood of BJ-33e print heads both at local stores and
on E-Bay. The package contains both a printhead and 4 ink cartridges. Since
the cartridges are the same as used in my s630, and since the printhead in
my machine has stopped printing color, I've been trying to find out if this
package has the print head I need, but in disguise. Does anyone know?




Ron Cohen

Don't think it will work. The print resolution is different which would mean
a different number of nozzles. I looked at the setup guide for the s600 on
the Canon website. While the illustration of the printhead did appear to be
similar in appearance to the bc33-e (I've have an unused one over two years
old) the differences in electronics would be a problem even if the printhead
was the same physically, which I can't determine. FWIW the price on the
bc-33e is a good deal since it does contain an entire set of BCI-3 tanks. If
someone wants original Canon BCI-3's it's cheaper to get them in a bc33-e
package than to purchase them individually.



Michael Grey

That printhead is for the BJC 3000 ,S400 and C755 Canon products.
The ink is the same as your S600 though.

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