Canon MF 4150 toner error, help !



Having problem with message "replace toner" on CANON MF4150.
I have remanufactured two FX-10 toners, one works fine,
the second one, the printer keeps showing the message "replace toner".
For both cartridges I used the same procedure, same kind and amount of
toner, however one works but the other won't.

Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it ???




Arthur Entlich

Check to see if these toner cartridge have a micro chip in them - on
them. Some printer cartridges (both inkjet and laser) have a chip that
encodes the amount of toner powder left of toner powder left in them, or
assumed to be left in them. With these, short of resetting the chi[p
(usually a proprietary device) or replacing the chip (some literally
burn themselves out).


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