Canon i9900 Matte paper Profile


Colin D

I have a new Canon i9950 (i9900) and it seems to print very well, except
for the matte paper setup, which prints too light and too warm. using
the Glossy setup on matte paper yields a trifle darker print than on
Glossy, but much better than the matte setup.

Can I tweak the matte settings for a bit more density, and has anyone
else run into this little problem? It's all Canon paper, by the way.





Are you using the automatic or manual color setting? On my i960 I use the
manual setting and tweak as necessary. I don't want the printer to
determine color balance - I would rather do that myself. I often set the
intensity to -4 or -6 if skin tones appear to be oversaturated. Experiment
and look at prints side-by-side. A little paper and ink wasted in the
experiment will save a great deal of time and materials later.

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