canon bjc 6000 help needed please



I am trying to use my "old" canon bjc 6000 printer after years of
neglect. I've since bought a much better printer, but I need the bjc
6000 in order to use it with an old Win 95 system.

Does this particular printer require that a black cartridge be used?

I need to know becuase there is no ink at all in it of course and I
don't want to buy the black if it isn't required for proper printing.



Yes it needs the BC30E head and BCI3e-blk.<[email protected]> wrote in message

Thank you for replying. Ordinarily it wouldn't matter and I'd just go
ahead and get the black along with the "regular" colors (not the photo
colors). It's just that I won't be using the bjc 6000 very often and
I wanted to save the expense of getting the black unless the printing
output would be compromised without it. Which according to your reply,
it would be. I can't find my manual after all these years, and I
suppose I should be happy that it turns on properly. ;)

I appreciate your input.

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