Cannot turn off Junk Mail filter - HELP!


Jacques Schett

We are using Office 2007 with Exchange 2003.

All of our users are using outlook 2007. We are also using an external
SPAM filter service that prescreens our e-mail before we receive it to
our Exchange 2003 server.

We have turned off the Outlook Junk e-Mail feature but outlook keeps
puting mail in there! There are no "blocked senders" but there are a
ton of white listed senders.

Everytime a user gets e-mail that is put into the Junk Mail folder
they have to white list them. This is becoming a pain since you have
to do one e-mail at a time!

Is there any way to completely disable this rule? I cannot find
anything in Outlook about this and I cannot delete the junk mail

Any help (even registry hacks) are appreciated. We need to turn this
off for good.



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