Cannot see any messages in Inbox, other folders



I just bought a new computer (Dell), with Vista installed. I imported my old
emails from Outlook Express 6, and the process went fine; all of my messages
showed up, in an "Imported Folder" folder.

I subsequently moved all of the imported messages to the Local Folder (the
messages in the "Inbox" in the imported folder were moved to the Inbox in my
Local Folder ... ditto for Sent Items and Deleted Items). This was also no

I was even able to send an email, although at first the email was placed in
my OutBox and did not send; after a few minutes, it did get sent out. I had
addressed it to myself, and I immediately received a copy of the email in my

I then closed the program, thinking it was working perfectly. However, when
I ran the program again, I was unable to see any messages in any folders.
When I highlight "Local Folders" I do get a detailed listing of how many
emails are in the various folders I had imported (as well as how many emails
are in my Inbox), but when I highlight my Inbox, there are no message headers.

In addition, I can no longer send or receive email using Windows Mail.

Please advise.


One thing that often works for all sorts of problems is to turn off your
computer then start it up again. Leave it 20 seconds between switching off
and switching on again.

I cannot remember whether I had a problem with Windows mail that I solved
this way, but, I'm almost certain that I did have a problem that I solved
this way.

Frank Saunders MS-MVP IE,OE/WM

Lourens26 said:
Hi Steven,

I have exactly the same problem: brandnew Dell, importing messages from
OE 6, looks fine after importing until you restart Mail.
Have you been able to solve your problem?

While looking in the Inbox click View, then Current View, and make sure Show
All Messages is the only thing checked.

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