Cannot resize the Quick Launch



I recently got a new DELL system running Windows XP version 2002 SP 2. Other
major softwares installed are Office 2003, Adobe Reader 7.0, Mozilla Firefox,
some IDEs, compilers, etc, etc. Now the problem is that I am not able to
resize the Quick Launch in the taskbar. I can see only three items on Quick
Launch. If I want to see others I have to click on the arrow and then select
it. I have selected the classic start menu theme (it doesn't work in the
other theme also) and I have unchecked the option "Lock the taskbar". Still I
do not get the dotted handle to resize the Quick Launch. I am having
administrative privileges in the system (I can install or uninstall
programs). I am able to move the entire taskbar to any corner of the desktop
and increase the size of the taskbar as such, but the Quick Launch resize
handle doesn't appear in any case!!! Also when I right click on the taskbar
and point to Toolbars all the items are always disabled (I selected Quick
Launch by going to taskbar properties and then checking the option 'Show
Quick Launch'). Are these related???? I am sure it is with some kind of
settings that I am not aware of (same OS runs with this feature on my
colleague's PC).

Can somebody please help????

Thanks in advance


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