Cannot print from Windows



We have 2 printers attached to a HP Jetdirect box and 2
queues associated with these printers on a Windows 2k
server SP3.

We print to one of the printers with no problem but when
we try to print to the other no print appears. The error
message in the event viewer is "The document<document
name> owner by <user> failed to print. Win32 error code
returned by printer processor: 3003(0xbbb).

I noticed another posting had a similar problem and it was
suggested that this was something to do with security on
the winnt\system32\spool\printers folder but in this case
the same user can print to a printer on the server but not
to another printer on the same server. I also tried
printing via administrator without any joy.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Hi! Have this ever worked? Have you tried to edit the Port
Number? Go to properties of the printer and the Ports tab.
Choose to configure your Port Settings. I think the right
port number for your second printer should be 9101.

If not surten you should be able to see the port name on
the HP JetDirect box webpage.


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