cannot play mpeg/mpg-files



I have a major problem with my media player or/and the rest of the XP! I
cannot play mpeg/mpg-files! When I try with Medi Player 10 i get the "error"
message, and that the program needs to close. Then I tried to play
mpeg/mpg-files in winamp and another media player but i got the same message!
The mediaplayer(& the other mediaplayers) can play avi & wma-files, but non
of them can play mpeg/mpg-files

anybody here who might know what the problem is and how to fix it?


Cyberlink's PowerDVD was one of the other media didn't
work...any other tips?

Kenneth J. Harris

Is this a new problem? Did it used to play mpeg's and doesn't now or
did it never play them?


it has allways been possible to play mpeg-files until yesterday...the only
thing I did with the machine yesterday was to install Adobe Premier
Pro...This program can of course be the source of the problem, but i've taken
virusscans og diskcleanings and
un- and re-installed this program to check if this was the reason...


Reinstall PowerDVD. Premiere may have installed a codec which is not
compatible with your system.

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