Cannot open Advanced Editor Outlook 2003 Signatures



I want to insert a picture within my signature in Outlook 2003 running on
Vista. When I try to open Adv Ed, the error message appears:

Could not find an editor for H (.) files

This is even though I have Word checked as my email editor.

Thank you in advance for any suggested fixes or workarounds.


I have the same set up, Outlook 2003 running on Vista and I get the same
error when trying to add company logo to my signature. Have you by chance
resolved this issue?




No. Never found a fix nor did anyone from MSFT lift a finger to suggest one.

BTW, I have since junked Vista and gone back to XP, for this and a multitude
of other reasons.

I won't go back to Vista for at least 6 months to one year when more of the
bugs are worked out. Also, I understand new hardware will be coming out
(HDD, etc.) which is specifically optimized for Vista.

For now, I see virtually no advantages whatsoever and plenty of
disadvantages. Vista is an Emperor with absolutely no clothes. Sorry I
couldn't help you.

Brian Tillman

Tenacity said:
No. Never found a fix nor did anyone from MSFT lift a finger to
suggest one.

MSFT rarely responds in these newsgroups. They're peer-to-peer forums, not
Microsoft support channels. If you want Microsoft to respond, open a
support call.

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